Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1 box of broken dishes, 3 crafts....

We all have chipped or broken dishes that we just can't seem to toss out.  The next 3 projects will re-purpose broken plates and bowls.

A very special thanks to the US Postal Service for ignoring the "Fragile Handle With Care" warning on this package,

which prompted my sister-in-law to give me this entire box of her broken wedding china for crafting purposes.

When you are offered Kate Spade anything you take it any way, shape, or (broken) form !

This craft works well with a chipped edge plate.

I found a heavy bottom, brown vase at the dollar store.  If you have a clear vase you could paint the interior and add some rocks for weight.

Super Glue the plate to the vase.

Then I Super Glued this little bird right on top of the chip so no real birds would hurt their cute little feet.

Add some seeds and wait for your feathered friends to arrive.

Stay tuned for 2 more broken plate crafts.


Katrina said...

OMG! In love :)
Ironic I just posted about Kate Spade tonight also...

Jessica (from Petite Lemon) said...

lady you are so smart!! love what you did with the broken stuff ... so sad it was all broken, but at least they replaced it all for me :) can't wait to see what else you do with it all :) XO

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