Monday, April 17, 2017

light it up...

These giant luminaries are so easy
to make and can be customized
to any event!

I started with cute Hazel & Ruby stencils,
Velcro and a 2x4 lighting panel from
my local home improvement store
(just venture down the lighting aisle).

Apply the Velcro to the ends.

Start decorating!  These awesome letters
can be used over and over. 
Think of all the possibilites!

You could customize them
for ANY evening event.

Place a handy LED lantern or
flashlight in the middle.

Such an easy and cool project!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

mushroom garden gnome party....

How fun are these little mushrooms?!
This is such a quick and easy way
to decorate a dessert table.

Hazel & Ruby has the cutest candy
paper and re-usable stencil masks!

I made a quick trip to my neighborhood
Target and grabbed some foam cups,
bowls, mini cups and red muffin liners.

Cut out circles about an inch
bigger than the bowls.

To create your mushroom tops, apply some
 Mod Podge and stick the paper to the bowl.

Place the tops on to the 
upside down cups.

Next I cut out some triangles and
and grabbed my letters.

Spell out your phrase then
give it a quick coat of paint.

When you remove the stencils 
it creates such a cute effect!

Throw on a table cloth, sheet moss and 
Gnomes from the garden.

 Load it up with delicious treats
and get ready for the stampede!
Cute and easy...
just how we like it!
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