Monday, November 9, 2015

christmas outfits in a crafternoon...

This is a fun way to craft and create festive 
outfits for your Christmas card this year!

Hazel & Ruby has this adorable
 Felt Flower Headband, we thought
it would be cute as a belt too
(and it's on sale right now)!

It only took us 15 minutes to create.

This  little model LOVED the 
new addition to her dress.

It turned out really cute and saved
us so much money by recycling an old dress.

 We needed something new for our 
favorite little dude and thought 
these Hazel & Ruby Crocheted Bows 
would make perfect bow ties.

 They took about 30 minutes to crochet.  

The pop of red was perfect for the picture.

Say cheese!
Wishing you a happy, crafty holiday!

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