Tuesday, October 27, 2015

cloudy day...

These little clouds were so 
easy to make! They would be
perfect for a kids room 
or baby shower.

Grab some cotton swabs, batting,
and old wiffle balls.

Roll the batting into balls 
and hot glue the cotton swab up
the middle. It adds a lot of
stability to the cloud.

Put the cotton swab in the hole
and hot glue the batting to
the ball.

Hang them from the ceiling with
fishing line. 

They are so whimsical swaying
in the breeze.

This little guy loved them!

Happy crafting!

Monday, October 26, 2015

washable markers in the tub...

The best art projects are messy!
We set these two little artists loose
in an empty bathtub with 
washable markers.

Knowing this might end badly 
we opted for the "Ultra-Clean"

They could have colored 
for hours!

It was the moment of truth...
it washed right off!

Their favorite part was watching the 
beautiful watercolors go down the 
drain. This will likely become a fun
weekly activity!

Friday, October 23, 2015

halloween made easy...

There are so many fun and easy Halloween
projects you and your kids can do with 

 The Halloween patterns are so cute!

You could surprise your little ones and 
decorate their table for a spooky meal.

It can turn a normal day into a party!

So cute!

Need a last minute costume?
have you covered!
We used a stick, some felt, and 
a paper machete hat.

One cute little witch in a snap!

We hot glued some felt to hair clips, 

and created a quick costume
that can be thrown together 
just in time to watch the
costume parade at school.
Happy-Crafty Halloween!

Pin these easy projects!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

halloween spider countdown...

This is a fun way for your little ones
to count down to Halloween.

Cut the rings off the spiders and 
for little kids maybe just use enough
for a 2 week count down.

We used a plastic container to 
house the creepy insects.

Something clear that they can 
peek into works the best.

We picked up this plastic
embroidery circle for 50 cents 
at the craft store.  It's a great web
because the spiders feet fit right into 
the little holes.

 Each day let your little one
place one spider on the web.

 It's great counting practice,

and so much fun to play with 
these spooky spiders.

Super easy and a total hit!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

plastic pumpkin repurpose...

These covered plastic pumpkins would
be perfect for gift giving or storage.

Don't you always seem to end up with multiple 
pumpkins every Halloween?
We thought it would be fun to repurpose them.

We used some fabric scraps and 
hot glued them on.

So easy!

Perfectly precious for your 
 own little pumpkins!
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