Friday, September 11, 2015

crafternoon pom pom bookmarks...

These Crafternoon projects are so much fun!
We loved creating the DIY  Pom Pom Bookmarks.
They are perfect for a back to school project.
Be sure to swing by your local

Reading is even more fun with
these adorable bookmarks.

The Crafternoon line is packaged so 
beautifully that they make great gifts as well.

 Everything you need is included!

Select a color of yarn.

 Cut a 6-10" length and wrap
the rest around the template.

 Tie the string through 
the middle and around the yarn.

 Cut the yarn from 
both sides and you have
a pom pom!

Tie it on to the bookmark and 
you're done!  So much fun!

Pin this cute project!
Happy crafting!

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