Monday, August 3, 2015

Crafternoon fun! A peek at Cross Stitch Calendars...

How awesome are these fun Crafternoon projects?!
They are so cute and yet simple enough
to complete in just one afternoon!
They are going to fly off the shelves so 
be sure to stock up and swing by your local 

Take a peek at one of our favorites, 
the Cross Stitch Calendars are adorable!

You actually get a whole years worth of 
projects with this one.
Each new month is a new afternoon
of crafting!

 When you open the package you
will see that everything is included
and packaged beautifully.

The calendar is made of heavy card stock
with the cutest designs for every month.
The floss is marked for each month and a
needle is included in the sweetest little envelope.

Use the needle to poke holes on the X's.

Separate the floss into strands of 2.

 Thread the needle and stitch away!

 Slip your craft into a frame and enjoy.
So simple! 
Treat yourself to a Crafternoon this week!
You deserve it.

PIN this project step by step.
Happy crafting!

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