Tuesday, June 30, 2015

simple summer wedding projects...

Wedding season is in full swing!
Here are some sweet and simple
DIY Summer wedding projects.
There is nothing I love more
than a backyard wedding!

These personalized centerpieces were 
so easy to create. 

You can upcycle your old containers
with the help of Hazel & Ruby and their 
AMAZING Candy Stripe Decor Tape.

We cut the stripes and stuck 
them on...so much easier than
messing with ribbon!

We personalized this planter with

Apply the lettering and a quick coat of paint.

Super easy!

Such a charming way to personalize 
the centerpieces.

These tissue flowers are so 
whimsical and fun.

tissue paper. It's really beautiful with the
delicate lace design. These LED clip-on 
lights can be found at your local
craft supply store.

Cut the tissue paper into 3 varying sizes.

Cut a small opening in the middle of the flower 
and the clip will hold it together.

They are a great lighting element.

Happy crafting!

PIN this project step by step!

PIN this project step by step!

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