Wednesday, October 1, 2014

simply adorable canvas...

This is such a fun and easy
craft to do with your little artists.

These Shimmerz products are perfect
to use with kids because they are 
non-toxic and will not stain!

Let your little one brush some water
on to the canvas.

 Look at these amazing 
Inklingz shimmering water colors!

The colors are really beautiful.

from the amazing Hazel & Ruby.

 This was perfect for the little princess.

Dazzlerz is a cool shimmery textured paint.

 We used a paint brush to apply.

 We can't get enough of these 
handy sequin tubes!

We filled the heart with glue and loaded
it up with the sequins. We outlined the letters.

So easy, but so cute!  It's always a great idea
to involve kids when you're creating the 
decorations that will be going in their rooms.
Happy crafting!

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