Monday, September 22, 2014

way to go! pom pom board...

 It's so tough being a 2 year old
(tough on everyone involved)!
This little board will revolutionize
your daily routine!

 Kids love stickers, but they can 
only be used once and also
create a mess.  We decided to 
use pom poms and a peg board instead.

Cut paper straws in one inch segments 
and hot glue them together.

We cut out a cute picture of 
our favorite 2 year old and 
covered it with contact paper.

We painted the peg board
white and taped the photo on.

 When your child exhibits great
behavior give them a shout out
with a pom pom.

 Put it up high enough that it's not
a distraction.  Also, it's added reinforcement
that you are holding and praising them while
they put their pom pom in.

What a great way to show them
how many times during the day 
they were on task and helpful.

Even Dad was a fan when
the bed  & bath time routine was 
flawless thus earning a purple pom pom!

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