Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the car seat caddy...

This little project will add storage and
interest for your rear facing babies.

The new car seat guidelines have babies
 rear facing for 2 years.
That's 2 years staring at a boring seat.
We can fix that!

Start with one yard of fun, flannel fabric
and corresponding blanket binding.

 Fold in half and cut so you have 2 pieces.

 Take one of the peices, fold again in half
and sew 2 of the sides.

 Turn it right side out and 
sew the binding on both ends.

 Use your 2nd piece and fold in
half.  Cut the top 1/4 and sew
2 of the sides.

 Turn right side out and sew binding
on one end.   To create a pouch, take the other
 end and fold over half way then sew the sides.

 Take both panels and sew them 
together on the sides leaving
an opening between the binding.

 Remove the head rest.

 Tuck the bottom of the panel into
the fold of the seat.

 Put the head rest back in place.

 Load up the pouch on the back
side of the seat.

It was an IMMEDIATE hit!

It's a win for Mommies and Babies!

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