Wednesday, September 24, 2014

let them eat cake...

Hazel & Ruby can help inspire 
you to create a simple 
and sweet party!

 We grabbed our Chevron and Chalk Art Alpha
Stencil Masks and painted them gold.

We only used 1/2 of this roll of 
AMAZING paper.  It's super high 
quality and it can be used
again after this project!

 Even if you don't have a large banquet
table you can always improvise.  
We used 2 end tables.

 Next we topped them with a sturdy 
(and artistically abstract) sheet of wood.

 Toss a table cloth over the wood and 
your secret is safe with us.

 We taped the paper right on to the wall
and used a new shoe rack to add 
another level.  We put a small
lantern underneath it to add light.

The gold Chevron created a neat
and interesting border.
We used the phrase "Let them eat cake",
and covered the front of the shoe rack.

 Turn on your lighting and 
add some treats!

Like moths to a flame!

Happy crafting!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is my FAVORITE craft website! Even if you two beautiful girls weren't my nieces! GREAT ideas every day and I'm remembering every one. Just brilliant and simple.

Love You,
Doreen of the City of Angels XO

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