Monday, September 29, 2014

zippered boxes...

We were so inspired by the 
Zipit Bedding post yesterday we tried
 to think of what other everyday objects
would be more fun with zippers!

 We saved a couple of boxes
from the recycling bin...

and ran by the craft store for 2 zippers.
Make sure you get "separating" ones. 

 Hot glue the zipper right on to the box.

Kids will absolutely love this!

Such a fun and different way to wrap a present!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

zipit bedding...

Oh my goodness, have you heard of Zipit Bedding?
Friends, it is a nap time game changer!

Jennifer and Hayley are sisters that had
 the awesome idea to create bedding that 
zips open and closed like a sleeping bag!  
Kids love it and they love making their bed!  

We are loving the cute colors
and the high quality fabrics.
Check them out! --->

Friday, September 26, 2014

easy bottle upcycling...

 This is such a simple way to turn your
bottles into vases.

 Save your glass recycling and pick up
some modeling clay that hardens in the oven.

  Remove the sticker and use olive oil
to take off the sticky adhesive.
Roll the clay (this is about 1/4 of the package).

 Wrap the clay around the mouth of the bottle.

Next we just pressed our thumb
around the edge.  Then we tossed it in the
oven at 230 degrees for 15 minutes
to harden the clay.

So simple!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

let them eat cake...

Hazel & Ruby can help inspire 
you to create a simple 
and sweet party!

 We grabbed our Chevron and Chalk Art Alpha
Stencil Masks and painted them gold.

We only used 1/2 of this roll of 
AMAZING paper.  It's super high 
quality and it can be used
again after this project!

 Even if you don't have a large banquet
table you can always improvise.  
We used 2 end tables.

 Next we topped them with a sturdy 
(and artistically abstract) sheet of wood.

 Toss a table cloth over the wood and 
your secret is safe with us.

 We taped the paper right on to the wall
and used a new shoe rack to add 
another level.  We put a small
lantern underneath it to add light.

The gold Chevron created a neat
and interesting border.
We used the phrase "Let them eat cake",
and covered the front of the shoe rack.

 Turn on your lighting and 
add some treats!

Like moths to a flame!

Happy crafting!

Monday, September 22, 2014

way to go! pom pom board...

 It's so tough being a 2 year old
(tough on everyone involved)!
This little board will revolutionize
your daily routine!

 Kids love stickers, but they can 
only be used once and also
create a mess.  We decided to 
use pom poms and a peg board instead.

Cut paper straws in one inch segments 
and hot glue them together.

We cut out a cute picture of 
our favorite 2 year old and 
covered it with contact paper.

We painted the peg board
white and taped the photo on.

 When your child exhibits great
behavior give them a shout out
with a pom pom.

 Put it up high enough that it's not
a distraction.  Also, it's added reinforcement
that you are holding and praising them while
they put their pom pom in.

What a great way to show them
how many times during the day 
they were on task and helpful.

Even Dad was a fan when
the bed  & bath time routine was 
flawless thus earning a purple pom pom!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

flashback monster eyeballs...

These Monster Eyeballs are the absolute easiest 
no-bake Halloween treats EVER! 

Pick up some mini powdered donuts, 
green gummi circles, and licorice bits.

 Start with a donut (eyeball),

add the gummi (iris),

and stick in the licorice (pupil), it will 
hold the whole treat together.

Your kids and their friends will 
think you're pretty awesome.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the car seat caddy...

This little project will add storage and
interest for your rear facing babies.

The new car seat guidelines have babies
 rear facing for 2 years.
That's 2 years staring at a boring seat.
We can fix that!

Start with one yard of fun, flannel fabric
and corresponding blanket binding.

 Fold in half and cut so you have 2 pieces.

 Take one of the peices, fold again in half
and sew 2 of the sides.

 Turn it right side out and 
sew the binding on both ends.

 Use your 2nd piece and fold in
half.  Cut the top 1/4 and sew
2 of the sides.

 Turn right side out and sew binding
on one end.   To create a pouch, take the other
 end and fold over half way then sew the sides.

 Take both panels and sew them 
together on the sides leaving
an opening between the binding.

 Remove the head rest.

 Tuck the bottom of the panel into
the fold of the seat.

 Put the head rest back in place.

 Load up the pouch on the back
side of the seat.

It was an IMMEDIATE hit!

It's a win for Mommies and Babies!
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