Monday, August 4, 2014

rock, paper, scissors...

It's so easy to create this friendly
and inviting entrance!

The stencil masks from Hazel & Ruby are
so cute that I couldn't decide on just one...
so I mixed and matched.  
Isn't this paper adorable?

Gather some rocks from your garden.

Spell out your greeting.

Apply the paint and remove the letter masks.

I covered them with a sealer
and it really enhanced the color.
You can outline the letters with 
a permanent marker.

I had left over small rocks so I
added paint and decoupaged some
of the cute flowers.

If you have some old pots you can
easily up-cycle them by adding paper and ribbon
details...don't forget to apply a waterproof sealer!

These cute little rocks would be a perfect
gift to welcome a new neighbor.

Everyone is winner at this game
of  Rock, Paper, Scissors!
Happy Crafting!

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