Monday, August 25, 2014


This lamp shade was so 
easy to create and would be 
a perfect baby shower gift!

We started with this amazing
Lumi Inkodye for fabrics.  
It's sun activated!

Of course you can never get enough 
of Hazel & Ruby's  stencil masks!

Since our fabric was not flat
we decided it would be easier
to spray it on to the lamp shade.

 First we arranged the lettering
so we would know where to
quickly re-apply them.

Remove the letters and spray the shade
until it's completely covered.

 Quickly place the letters and let
the sun do its work!

After about 20 minutes 
remove the lettering.

 Apply some of the detergent
to remove the unexposed dye.

Give it a quick wash,

and you're all set 
(just like the dye)! 

 Happy crafting!

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