Thursday, August 28, 2014

3 days of crafts with plastic 2 Halloween count down...

It's day 2 of our plastic spiders series!
This is a fun way for your little ones
to count down to Halloween.

Cut the rings off the spiders and 
for little kids maybe just use enough
for a 2 week count down.

We used a plastic container to 
house the creepy insects.
Something clear that they can 
peek into works the best.

We picked up this plastic
embroidery circle for 50 cents 
at the craft store.  It's a great web
because the spiders feet fit right into 
the little holes.

 Each day let your little one
place one spider on the web.

 It's great counting practice,

and so much fun to play with 
these spooky spiders.

Super easy and a total hit with
the Kidlets!
Check back tomorrow for 
day 3 of our plastic spiders crafts!

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