Friday, August 29, 2014

3 days of crafts with plastic 3 jars...

The final project in our series
is super spooky!
We "caught" the spiders.

Take the remaining plastic spiders
and cut off the ring part.

 We gathered some recycled jars.

 Next we applied some sticky
glue to the spiders little feet.

If you want to hang any from the lids
you can use double sided tape and 
dental floss.

  They really looked scary.

We definitely have caught the
Halloween "bug"!  :-)

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

3 days of crafts with plastic 2 Halloween count down...

It's day 2 of our plastic spiders series!
This is a fun way for your little ones
to count down to Halloween.

Cut the rings off the spiders and 
for little kids maybe just use enough
for a 2 week count down.

We used a plastic container to 
house the creepy insects.
Something clear that they can 
peek into works the best.

We picked up this plastic
embroidery circle for 50 cents 
at the craft store.  It's a great web
because the spiders feet fit right into 
the little holes.

 Each day let your little one
place one spider on the web.

 It's great counting practice,

and so much fun to play with 
these spooky spiders.

Super easy and a total hit with
the Kidlets!
Check back tomorrow for 
day 3 of our plastic spiders crafts!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

3 days of crafts with plastic 1 "Boo"...

 Plastic spiders are so inexpensive but 
definitely scream Halloween!! 
**I may, or may not have created this whole
project just for an excuse to buy Halloween candy!

 We started with paper mache letters from 
Joann's ($2 each).

We gave them a quick coat of white paint,

and rubbed the edges with a black ink pad.

 Next we cut the ring part off of the spiders and
hot glued them on to the "B" and strung a couple 
with dental floss in the "O"s.

Sooooo spooky! 
Join us tomorrow for day 2 of 
crafting with plastic spiders!

Monday, August 25, 2014


This lamp shade was so 
easy to create and would be 
a perfect baby shower gift!

We started with this amazing
Lumi Inkodye for fabrics.  
It's sun activated!

Of course you can never get enough 
of Hazel & Ruby's  stencil masks!

Since our fabric was not flat
we decided it would be easier
to spray it on to the lamp shade.

 First we arranged the lettering
so we would know where to
quickly re-apply them.

Remove the letters and spray the shade
until it's completely covered.

 Quickly place the letters and let
the sun do its work!

After about 20 minutes 
remove the lettering.

 Apply some of the detergent
to remove the unexposed dye.

Give it a quick wash,

and you're all set 
(just like the dye)! 

 Happy crafting!

Friday, August 22, 2014

let your creativity sparkle...

These cute decorations are so 
glittery and fun!

Pick up some cool Gelatos & Glass Bead 

We've officially lost our minds over
You need them!

Recycle an old sheet and
embroidery rings.

Doodle with the Gelatos directly
on to the sheet.

 We gave our colorful masterpiece
a quick soak with the hose.
It created a beautiful watercolor effect.

Once dry, put the fabric in the
embroidery rings and apply the Glitter Gel.

 Place the sequins into the gel.
It dries clear.

This was such a fun project!
Happy crafting!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 days of projects under $7...falling leaves...

It's the final installment of our 
3 days of projects under $7 series! 
This is an easy decoration
or backdrop for Fall. Seriously, how much
do we love Fall?!

We started with one dowel for $2 and
2 packages of craft leaves from Joanns for $4.

Hot glue the leaves directly on to
the dowel.

Continue to glue the leaves to each other.

We strung a few so they would
hang down and move in the wind.

Perfect for an Autumn get together
or back to school celebration!

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