Tuesday, July 22, 2014

flashback to the easiest painting ever....

This painting project will build your artistic confidence, 
while preserving a memory. 

  I started with a photograph from my last trip to Yellowstone. 
 I had it printed at Costco for $8.99 in 20x30".

Using the photo as a guide I applied paint directly on to it.  

Begin with the darkest color and brush it on to the 
darkest parts of the photo.

Then I added yellow to the green to lighten it up and 
covered the area's of the photo that were lighter green.

Continue to lighten the paint . . .

and apply until all area's in that color have been covered.

Then I moved on to the blue and started with the darkest, 

and continued the process of lightening the hue.

It's kind of like paint by numbers.

You really can't mess it up, just keep adding paint
 until everything is covered.

Next, add the little punches of color,

then add dark black,

lastly, apply bright white.

What a fun way to preserve a great memory and it's 
art that is accessible to any age or artistic skill level.

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