Friday, June 27, 2014

mailbox makeover...

Thanks to Hazel & Ruby this mailbox makeover 
was such a fun and easy project!

I started with some of their cool reusable stencils.
This one is the Boutique Alpha, and the adorable

Bring in your boring mailbox and grab
a can of spray paint.

The stencils adhere perfectly and 
 can be easily removed and adjusted.

Spray the box and once dry, remove the stencils.
The best part is, you can reuse the lettering for
 future crafting!

Cut the paper into strips the length of the mailbox
(this is easier than trying to do it all in 
one solid piece).  Take a deep breath and give 
the old Mod Podge a quick stir.

Apply a good coat and paper one section at a time.

How cute is this?!  Since it will be outdoors,
you might want to apply a waterproof sealer.

Did you know the flag doesn't have to be red?
According to the Post Office, it just cannot be
green, yellow, brown, white, or blue.

You'll smile every time you get your mail!
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