Monday, June 2, 2014

decorating with gold...

This super chic and super cheap craft was 
inspired by another really cool blog.

Cat, over at posted 
this adorable gold color blocked 
letter from East+Acland.
It was so cute and sparked an idea.

 I picked up a foam board from the dollar store.

 I used a scrap of pink fabric and purchased 
a 1/4 yard of this awesome gold fabric 
from the fabric store ($3).

 Place the pink fabric over the board.

 Turn the board over and duct tape the 
fabric on.

 Stretch the gold over the bottom.

 Duct tape it down as well.

So easy and cute, plus it's light weight
and safe for decorating your kids rooms.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! I'm going to do it in my little girls room, and she'll even be able to help.

Anonymous said...

ThriftyLittles is the best, I think I went to school with her! :-)


Tina said...

Great idea!

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