Monday, June 30, 2014

gold tie dye...

This is the EASIEST tie dye project!

Grab a t-shirt, golden acrylic paint, and 
some gold sequins
You can use rubber bands, but I
think it's even easier to use
twist ties.

Tightly twist the top layer of the t-shirt.

The more bunches the better!

Use a brush to paint it.

Untwist the ties and this is what you get!

I wanted some extra golden bling!

I set the sequins into dots of hot glue.
Make sure the edges are completely
set into the glue so there are no
sharp edges.

This little dazzler loved her 
new dazzling shirt!

Friday, June 27, 2014

mailbox makeover...

Thanks to Hazel & Ruby this mailbox makeover 
was such a fun and easy project!

I started with some of their cool reusable stencils.
This one is the Boutique Alpha, and the adorable

Bring in your boring mailbox and grab
a can of spray paint.

The stencils adhere perfectly and 
 can be easily removed and adjusted.

Spray the box and once dry, remove the stencils.
The best part is, you can reuse the lettering for
 future crafting!

Cut the paper into strips the length of the mailbox
(this is easier than trying to do it all in 
one solid piece).  Take a deep breath and give 
the old Mod Podge a quick stir.

Apply a good coat and paper one section at a time.

How cute is this?!  Since it will be outdoors,
you might want to apply a waterproof sealer.

Did you know the flag doesn't have to be red?
According to the Post Office, it just cannot be
green, yellow, brown, white, or blue.

You'll smile every time you get your mail!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

just having a

How cute is this mobile made of balls?!

We were looking to add some more color to 
this adorable nursery.

We had a bag of plastic balls left over from a Birthday party.
  There were also old rubber bouncy balls that were
 purchased at the grocery store.

 You can find this cool silver duct tape at your
local craft store, and any standard heavy duty thread
will work.

 Wrap the tape all the way around.

Stick the end of the thread under the tape.

Tie all of the balls together and 
hang it from the ceiling.

Such a cool and modern decoration!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

pretend play for princesses...

For hours of fun, you can build a little
castle in your very own hallway!

All you need is 2 old sheets, some ribbon,
a suspension rod and one smart princess.

Have her start gathering all the 
pillows she can find.

 Tightly suspend the suspension rod
at a height you can still peek over since
 chances are you'll be playing the role
of some sort of peering monster. 

Fold the sheets over the rod.

Use the ribbons to tie them back.

Toss in all the pillows.

Add your little princess and watch 
the pretend play begin!

 Almost immediately, a fire breathing 
dragon attacked.

 The brave princess saved the day!

This will be hours of fun 
and it's so easy to create!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

modern candle light...

This might be the easiest craft ever!

I found this punched aluminum panel at
The Home Depot for $10.

They had several designs to chose from.

I had this old painted terracotta pot
that was screaming to be re-purposed. 

I just rolled the panel and stuck it into the pot.

Add a candle and there you have an
easy and cool modern candle holder!

Monday, June 9, 2014

fathers day gift for a handy dad....

There was such a big response 
to our mini-planters post, we decided
to create a similar project 
perfect for Handy-Man Dads on Fathers Day!

I started with this cute little 
electrical Handy Box from Lowes.

Search your garage and junk drawer
for 3 little screws.

Select some bright paint.

Paint the heads to look
like mushrooms.

Add pebbles for drainage (I also put some 
duct tape over the holes in the bottom).

Select your plant.
This one is an Elfin Thyme.

Plant it into your electrical box.

Add your 3 little mushrooms.

Use letter stickers with his initials or spell out
his name.  Happy Fathers day!
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