Friday, May 2, 2014

waterproof outdoor table ideas...

Hello friends.  Here's an inexpensive 
way to use your favorite papers
to create waterproof table cloths that can
match any outdoor occasion.

Some of my favorite designs right now 
are Hazel & Ruby's amazing polka dot paper sheets 
and this green gift wrap from Tai Pan Trading.

I picked up a yard of this 16 gauge clear vinyl
at the fabric store. There will be more fun ideas and
uses for this cut of vinyl know how I like
to get my money's worth!

Grab a white table cloth, or white sheet (they are 
much less expensive and the lower thread counts are fine).
Roll out your BEAUTIFUL paper!

 Drape the vinyl over the table.

The colors become so intense and hi-gloss!

So easy to change.

The best part is, your beautiful paper remains undamaged.

Lots of fun Summer crafts coming soon!


Anonymous said...

LOOOOOVVVVEEE this idea. I'm going to use it for an upcoming birthday party. thanks veryheatherly.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is pretty cool.

Steff said...

Oh lady!! You've done it again!

Steff said...

Oh lady!! You've done it again!

Tina said...

:) And she begins again! Love this Heather!

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