Wednesday, May 7, 2014

from nursery to big girl room...

 You can save money by choosing
decorations that will grow with your kids.

Remember this cute nursery from the 
Nifty Thrifty Nursery post?  Well, the frames have
made the jump from Nursery to Big Girl Room!

We started with a couple 1/2 yards of fabric,

some paper scraps, bits of felt and left over ribbon.

The ribbon is hot glued on and the fabric is 
attached with duct tape so it can be easily removed.

I copied the general owl design from the fabric,
and added whatever random notions I could find.

 Don't aim for perfection...shoot for whimsical!

 Such funny little owls.

These balsa wood letters were 4 for $1
at the craft store. I just covered them with
the paper and fabric.

It was a super inexpensive update that 
this little lady loved!


Tina said...

another amazing project!

ReyAn Salisbury said...

Wow. So cute! Such an easy idea I never would have thought of.

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