Thursday, May 29, 2014

healthy air fresheners...

Store bought air fresheners for your car have really 
dangerous ingredients, with scary side effects
This is a much healthier option.

Grab a couple of unbleached coffee filters, 
organic coffee beans, twine and vanilla.

 Cut the filter into strips.

Soak one of the strips in the vanilla.

Let it dry and then pleat it into a little flower.

Gather the other strip as well and sew
them together to create a small flower.

You can also use 2 filters...

sewn together into a shape and stuffed
with coffee beans.

As your car heats up in the sun it will increase 
these great and healthy scents.

Monday, May 26, 2014

artwork for kids by kids...

This is the perfect project for kids to do for 
a new sibling or a gift for their little friends.

Start with these awesome re-usable stencils from
Hazel & Ruby.

Grab a cheap canvas, paints, and paint brush.

I stuck down the name and then let the 
artist begin!

Let the painting commence.

Only advanced artists need 2 brushes.

Remove the stickers.

I outlined the circles and letters with an 
extra fine Sharpie and it was ready to be hung!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

grown up table vs. kids table...

How do you create a a kids table that is fun but not out
of place at your event?

Grown up table: cloth napkins, good dishes 
and place cards

Kids table: paper napkins, non breakable dishes 
and photo place cards

Print out pictures of your funny little dinner guests 
on regular paper.

Cut them out.

Place the clear plates over them

Your kid-lets will get such a kick out
of eating food off their faces.

These seats will be filled with wiggly bums and
giggly goofs.

Grown up table: candles, fresh cut lavender, 
simple centerpieces 

Kids table: use the same color scheme, but 
add some humor...this little dear-y is
eating their centerpiece.

So much fun!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the healthy breakfast cupcake...

 This healthy no bake cupcake is 
perfect for a brunch or to trick your kids
into thinking they are having a treat :-) 
You'll need muffin cups, whipped chocolate peanut butter,
 organic fruit spread, whole wheat bread with flax. 

 Use a glass or cookie cutter to punch out circles.  

 The scraps can be feed to the ducks at the park or
toast them for croutons.
Add the fruit spread.
 Put them into the muffin cup.
Frost the top with the whipped 
chocolate peanut butter.

It's packed with fiber and protein!

Your kids will love them!

Monday, May 19, 2014

coloring set...

 This coloring set would make a perfect 
party favor or quick Birthday gift.

Pull out a couple sheets of fun 12x12" paper,
a few sheets of copy paper, ribbon scraps and 
a handful of crayons.

 Cut one sheet in half.

 Fold it over.

Stitch it together about 1" apart.

 Sew it on to the full sheet.

 Fold your ribbon in half and sew it on the edge.

Add your blank copy paper.

 Slip the crayons in.

 Roll it up.

Creative gifts are always the best!
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