Monday, April 28, 2014

spooning . . .

This project is a really simple and 
modern decorative update.

My sister in law was getting rid of these utensils and I snagged them for the crafting cause.

I bent the spoons, 

and hooked them over the edge of a white pot.

I love the simplicity and you could do so many 
variations on this idea.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

table topped...

It was such a fun project to update this old side table.

My friend Joan needed a hand with this cute little 
table that had passed it's prime.

I gave it a quick sanding.

After 2 coats of white paint it already looked like a new table. 

I found these cute and inexpensive Better Homes and Garden vinyl place mats, they are reversible which makes them double awesome.

I made a pattern of the table top and cut it out of the place mat.

I saved all of the scraps for a future craft (I'm kind of a hoarder that way :-)

The mats fit perfectly and since they are waterproof you don't even need to worry about using a coaster.

The best part is that you can flip the mats over and you have a whole new table and a whole new look.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

green movement...

Be part of the green movement with this project...

There is nothing more annoying than riding around and having to listen to your belongings banging around in your basket.

I picked up this plastic grass in the 
floral department at the craft store.

Clip the tags and cut the grass down to size.

Place it into the bottom of the basket.  
The grass is all plastic and totally weather proof.

It creates a thick cushion in the bottom of the basket.

Your belongings will securely nestle into the thick grass.  
Plus, it is really cute!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

photo magic...

  A fun way to display action pictures is to take a series of the person in movement and then print them out.

Carefully cut around the subject.

A shadow box works great for this project.  This particular one is a really inexpensive version from IKEA

I decorated the back insert with a whimsical scene and created another strip for the third photo.

Place the photo against the glass and glue the sides of the paper strip to the frame.

Attach the back insert and you're set!!  It's such a fun way to really capture action and movement...and your kids will think it's pretty cool!
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