Saturday, April 28, 2012

nifty thrifty nursery...

This adorable nursery was designed using some great re-purposing ideas.

Very Heatherly is happy to introduce guest blogger (and expectant Mommy) Erika.  She has some great and crafty ideas to share.

Erika decorated her nursery by painting several frames white.  She will be able to add and change the artwork as her daughter grows and will eventually fill it with original works by her little artist.

They make every part of the room feel special. 

 A great place to find frames is at thrift stores, garage sales and you probably have some kicking around your own house.

Erika added whimsy and humor by bringing a garden gnome indoors.

We love her idea of storing toys on the Eiffel Tower.

This is one crafty nursery! 

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Mary Lovig said...

Now come and do my moms nursery.

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