Friday, September 14, 2012

diffused light . . .

The giant luminaries this summer were such a hit, I thought it was time for another lighting project.

While I was searching Lowe's for inspiration, I ran into my cute sister (above) and brother in law.

I decided this replacement cover would be fun to use.  It was listed on clearance for $5.47, but kept ringing up at $1.47, I hope that you are just as lucky.

All you need a string of white lights.

I taped the lights down,

and just made sure they were evenly distributed.

You could use the surface to display glass objects,

or maybe use it to serve food or drinks at one of your ultra hip soiree's.

It is really great as a wall hanging, 

or straight up to add a soft and interesting light.  This could be really beautiful incorporated into your Christmas decorations.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

giant paint sample wall art....

 There are so many cool crafts out there right now using paint samples, so I thought I would join the fun and create a giant version.

I used 8 sheets of 12x12 inch paper.

Be sure to come up with names for the colors.

Your kids will love to chose their color and create a name.

I taped a strip of white paper onto the back of each sheet to connect them all together.

 It's really easy.

 I added the year to the bottom, so it created a fun family tree of sorts.  You could add a new strip as your family grows.

Perfect in a family room, play room, classroom or craft area.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

mini balloon bouquet...

Surprise your little one on their Birthday with a miniature balloon bouquet.

I made a quick trip to our local Dollar Store, and for 25cents each they filled the balloons with just a little helium. 

 Be warned : the guy helping you will think you're crazy when you say you need them to be tiny and he will also think your a major creeper when you pull out your camera to snap this shot. * Be sure to request Hi-Float (they will know what this is). 

When you get your bag of balloons home,

 tie a string tightly above the knot, 

 cut off the bottom because it weighs the little balloon down.

They're so small they seem magical.

 Gather some brightly colored accessories.

Your kids will love it.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Summer parties are the best.  A quick and easy way to dress up the food table is to add a mirror.

 Yard sales are the perfect place to pick one up, 

I painted mine with a couple coats of a happy marigold hue.

It adds great color to the patio.

You 'll be surprised how much light it reflects, this little mirror will be hanging around the rest of the summer.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

nifty thrifty nursery...

This adorable nursery was designed using some great re-purposing ideas.

Very Heatherly is happy to introduce guest blogger (and expectant Mommy) Erika.  She has some great and crafty ideas to share.

Erika decorated her nursery by painting several frames white.  She will be able to add and change the artwork as her daughter grows and will eventually fill it with original works by her little artist.

They make every part of the room feel special. 

 A great place to find frames is at thrift stores, garage sales and you probably have some kicking around your own house.

Erika added whimsy and humor by bringing a garden gnome indoors.

We love her idea of storing toys on the Eiffel Tower.

This is one crafty nursery! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

start your sprouts....

It's time to start your sprouts for Easter!

I gathered white containers in all different sizes and shapes, but any interesting pieces you have would work.

Add pebbles to help with drainage.

Fill the containers with potting soil.  * helpful hint:  dump the potting soil bag into a bucket, it will cut down on the clean up time especially if your working with less crafty people or kids  :-)

Wheatgrass seeds can be purchased at most health food stores...this variety just happened to come from Maui courtesy of my aunt (thank you again).

Cover the seeds with soil.

Add some water and make sure they are watered daily.

This is a great project for kids because the grass grows so quickly. 

It's sure to brighten up any room.

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