Sunday, December 11, 2011

minimal decoration . . .

Christmas decorations can be so over the top. Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the season.

 I used this cute little wooden bowl,

and filled it with small pebbles.

If you have a real tree there are always branches that need to be trimmed.

I snipped a little bit from the bottom and

and placed it in the bowl.  It will stay green without water and can be placed anywhere for a quick and minimal decoration.


Jann Olson said...

Hi Heather, thinkin about you. Yes, I am one of those over the top people. Love the simplicity of this. I did put springs of green in my red bottle collection. Sometimes my cute simple things get over looked because I just 'don't know when to stop'. Hope your holidays were wonderful!

Mary Lovig said...

Heather will you please post more things. I have been deprived of your awesomeness. And I miss your amazing crafting abilities. :)

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