Thursday, October 13, 2011

seasonal bounty . . .

This is a great project to re-use your paper bags while spreading goodwill throughout your hood.

It's so easy to let late season fruits go unused since it's getting too cold in the evenings to get out to pick the apples and pears...but you really should spread the wealth.

Grab a paper bag, scissors and a hole punch . . . 

remove the handles (one is usually already ripped off),

cut along the folds about 3", 

fold the front and back down,

then fold the two sides into the bag.

Punch 2 holes on either side.

Use a rich autumn colored ribbon,

and thread it through the holes.

Load it up with some pears, apples or squash,

tie the ribbon in a bow,

and add a touch of greenery.  Then send it with your kids next door . . . because you deserve a break after all this crafting!

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