Tuesday, October 25, 2011

haunted paths . . .

Halloween is meant to be spooky, but with all the little goblins running around don't forget to safely light the dark paths too.

 To illuminate the fencing and sidewalk I used this lighting cover from  a previous post.

 I had a couple sheets of black card stock,

 and cut out some really simple lettering.

 The letters were taped down with duct tape,

any spooky word or Halloween themed cut out would work.

You could tape the lights down in an orderly manner, but I let gravity decide their placement.

The light cover hooks right on to the fence and the bottom edge holds the lights in place.

Happy (well-lit) Haunting.


Jann Olson said...

Hi Heather,
Haven't popped over for a while. I loved all of your fun Halloween ideas. Sam and cute Jack look ever so haunting!

Mary Lovig said...

Heather I love you posts!! You need to start doing some more because they rock and its been over 1 month since the last time you updated it

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