Sunday, October 9, 2011

easiest pet ever . . .

This little fish is a fun addition to any room.

I started with heavy duty sheet protectors (can be purchased at any office supply or craft store),

and then I cut off the edge that had the 3 hole punches. 

A quick Google image search supplied quite an array of beautiful goldfish.

Copy and paste the image to print it out.

I used a golden sheet of card stock,

because it created greater depth and a more realistic picture.

Cut the little fella out, 

grab your needle and thread, 

and hang the fish.

Put him into his new plastic home and tape the top.

The plastic is so heavy that it retains it's shape and you can punch small holes through it to be extra safe if you have little ones around.  
Such a fun decoration for a bookshelf, party, nursery or kids rooms.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure my son will think I'm the coolest mom ever when I make this!


Katrina said...

My little girls would <3 this! My oldest could even help make it :)

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