Friday, September 14, 2012

diffused light . . .

The giant luminaries this summer were such a hit, I thought it was time for another lighting project.

While I was searching Lowe's for inspiration, I ran into my cute sister (above) and brother in law.

I decided this replacement cover would be fun to use.  It was listed on clearance for $5.47, but kept ringing up at $1.47, I hope that you are just as lucky.

All you need a string of white lights.

I taped the lights down,

and just made sure they were evenly distributed.

You could use the surface to display glass objects,

or maybe use it to serve food or drinks at one of your ultra hip soiree's.

It is really great as a wall hanging, 

or straight up to add a soft and interesting light.  This could be really beautiful incorporated into your Christmas decorations.


Anonymous said...

shut the front door

Jann Olson said...

Yes Heather, your luminaries are fabulous! Love the ambience at the wedding. Your mind never stops girl! You're so dang cute! I miss seeing and visiting with you too! Say hi to the family!

Katrina said...

Can you cut that stuff? It would be cool to make a ghost!

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