Tuesday, July 5, 2011

trade in the veggie tray . . .

Veggies are a main staple at any social gathering, but they stifle the party flow when everyone has to camp out around the platter.

 Trade in your veggie trays for these self contained healthy snacks that you can eat while working the room.

 I started with plastic cocktail cups, 

 and used the standard Ranch dip.

 Squirt some into the bottom of each cup,

 add celery,



and skewer a tomato and giant olive.
Happy munching for the social butterflies.


Steff said...

Could I have a little more ranch, please?

veryheatherly said...

Steff, I think you have some broccoli in your teeth :-)

Katrina said...

These are super cute with the scewers

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