Sunday, June 19, 2011

growing, growing, grown . . .

There is nothing more sad than painting over your kids growth lines or moving away and having to leave them behind.  This one sticks right to the fridge so you can put it away and keep it forever. 

I used a 3 foot long balsa wood board (from the craft store) and stuck adhesive magnet roll on both edges.

I painted the other side asphalt gray.

I added the magnetic strips to little painted wooden vehicles.  This way kids can move them around and measure each other, and use the growth chart as an interactive and learning tool.

This cool product can be purchased in the sewing department at your local craft store.  It's adhesive measuring tape . . . brilliant.

I stuck it right down the middle of the board.

You can record the dates with a Sharpie and they will love to move their cars up taller and taller when the grow.  Check out Petite Lemon for some cute designer charts.


Anonymous said...

Such a great idea Lady!

Katrina said...

what a flippin cute idea!

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