Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 days of re-purposed containers...

The next 3 crafts will re-purpose common household containers.
This utensil caddy was really easy and perfect for a casual party.
I pulled an empty butter container from the recycle bin and washed it out.

I chose this pretty blue from a previous project. 

Both the lid and bucket were sprayed on both sides.

While the paint was drying I used thumbtacks in the fence to display a couple of cute baking tins from IKEA.

Baking tins come in such cute shapes and they are great to decorate with.

Once the paint is thoroughly dry Superglue the lid into the bucket.

You can use sticker letters on the lid.

The lid separates the utensils and keeps them organized.
One side for the forks . . .

and one side for the spoons.

Fun, easy and helpful.
Stay tuned for the next re-purposed container craft.


Erika and Bryan said...

what a great idea!!!

Katrina said...

great idea for any party! Especially the 4th :)

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