Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 days of re-purposed containers (day 3) . . .

This little desk set is really easy to make and super handy to have.

I used an empty deodorant container and ran it through the dishwasher.

I cut some scrap booking paper to the height of the container,

and used tape to affix the paper.

I cut a strip for the lid,

and taped it on.

Load it up with office supplies and you have a fun little desk set.

Monday, June 27, 2011

3 days of re-purposed containers (day 2) . . .

Here are some really cute and modern containers for starting seeds or small sprouts.

I had 3 empty lotions . . .

and I cut off the tops.

Wash and dry them.

Paint the outside of the containers.

Give them ample time to dry.

Put some pebbles to the bottom for weight and drainage.

I added some potting soil,

and planted some little lavender sprouts.  If you over water them you can just open the bottom to let the excess drain out.

It's fun to stretch your creativity and recycle!  
Stay tuned for the next container re-purpose.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 days of re-purposed containers...

The next 3 crafts will re-purpose common household containers.
This utensil caddy was really easy and perfect for a casual party.
I pulled an empty butter container from the recycle bin and washed it out.

I chose this pretty blue from a previous project. 

Both the lid and bucket were sprayed on both sides.

While the paint was drying I used thumbtacks in the fence to display a couple of cute baking tins from IKEA.

Baking tins come in such cute shapes and they are great to decorate with.

Once the paint is thoroughly dry Superglue the lid into the bucket.

You can use sticker letters on the lid.

The lid separates the utensils and keeps them organized.
One side for the forks . . .

and one side for the spoons.

Fun, easy and helpful.
Stay tuned for the next re-purposed container craft.

Monday, June 20, 2011

quickie . . .

This dish towel is a real quick neighbor gift idea . . .

I used some clearance dishtowels and a bleach pen,

and wrote a nickname directly on to the fabric.

One of my favorite local bloggers is Nancy from
her "Fancy Nancy" style is really inspiring.  Wishing her good luck on their next big adventure.

Wait for the fabric to bleach out (about 5 minutes),

Thoroughly wash it off .

And there you have it, a speedy personalized gift.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

growing, growing, grown . . .

There is nothing more sad than painting over your kids growth lines or moving away and having to leave them behind.  This one sticks right to the fridge so you can put it away and keep it forever. 

I used a 3 foot long balsa wood board (from the craft store) and stuck adhesive magnet roll on both edges.

I painted the other side asphalt gray.

I added the magnetic strips to little painted wooden vehicles.  This way kids can move them around and measure each other, and use the growth chart as an interactive and learning tool.

This cool product can be purchased in the sewing department at your local craft store.  It's adhesive measuring tape . . . brilliant.

I stuck it right down the middle of the board.

You can record the dates with a Sharpie and they will love to move their cars up taller and taller when the grow.  Check out Petite Lemon for some cute designer charts.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

cupcake chic . . .

This is a fun way to dress up an outdoor area and recycle your baking supplies.

I always seem to have a few cupcake cups left over after each occasion and I have the hardest time tossing the left over cups out. 
So, I end up with a shelf filled with odds, ends and mismatched cups.

I tuned a few inside out . . .
clipped a paper clip on . . .
and attached  it onto the foliage.
It's a really easy way to instantly add flowers.
If you use candles make sure they are in a votive since you'll be placing them near paper.
It can create a really frilly and fun space.
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