Monday, May 23, 2011

the way too cheery-chairs...

I received a design emergency phone call from Lovely Lauryn. She  was given these ever so cheery chairs that were a little too bright for her cute kitchen.

We removed the seat and covered the back with a plastic bag.

Then we sprayed the legs with a glossy black paint.

Make sure they have ample time to dry.

Staple the new fabric onto the seat and cut away the excess

It's a really easy process and can make a really big difference.

Next, place the fabric inside out over the back and pin it down on both sides.

Make a seam using the pins as a guide.

Cut away the excess fabric and make sure it fits tightly.

 The bottom seam along the back rest had to be sewn by hand.

Once the seats were screwed back on we were done.

 Two updated cute chairs and one happy cute girl . . . slam dunk in the world of crafting.


Anonymous said...

I love the simple, modern lines of these chairs. They are so zen now!

Lauryn said...

Thanks again, Heather! We absolutely love them! :)

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