Sunday, April 20, 2014

table topped...

It was such a fun project to update this old side table.

My friend Joan needed a hand with this cute little 
table that had passed it's prime.

I gave it a quick sanding.

After 2 coats of white paint it already looked like a new table. 

I found these cute and inexpensive Better Homes and Garden vinyl place mats, they are reversible which makes them double awesome.

I made a pattern of the table top and cut it out of the place mat.

I saved all of the scraps for a future craft (I'm kind of a hoarder that way :-)

The mats fit perfectly and since they are waterproof you don't even need to worry about using a coaster.

The best part is that you can flip the mats over and you have a whole new table and a whole new look.


inkypinkies said...

That is super fresh & cute!

Anonymous said...

Really great idea.

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