Friday, May 20, 2011

fruit monster...

The 2nd fruit treat is so much fun to make.  I promise the more gruesome, the better.

Cut up an apple.

Put peanut butter on 2 wedges.

Add mini marshmallows to the bottom slice and place one wedge on the top.

Half a big marshmallow for the eyes, and a grape works great for a nose.

A blueberry cut in half creates the perfect eye, use a dab of peanut butter to stick them on.

For the final touch, add strips of fruit leather as hair.  Your kids will love to eat this scary little fruit monster.  Check back in tomorrow for the last fruit creation.


Erika and Bryan said...

I Love It!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a little monster that absolutely loved this little monster. I thought you should know :-) Thank you for the great idea.

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