Tuesday, May 17, 2011

family tree for your little monkey...

Kids love to see photo's of themselves and their families.  A great way to add some pictures to their space is to remove the background and add simple forms like a family tree.

Print out some pictures and grab your paper scraps.

Carefully cut out the images, if your kids are old enough they will love to help.

Create a simple background.

Then paste or tape the photo into the scene.

You can create design continuity by carrying the concept of a family tree through to the other pictures.

Old frames can find new life in your cute creations.

The frame styles that normally wouldn't match can be pulled together by painting them a similar color.

Grouping elements together will have a bigger visual impact.

Add a touch of whimsy by going outside of the box.  Your little monkey swinging from the family tree will love to see this cute addition.

It's a great way to display family photo's with your kids in mind.


Lauryn said...

Very cute, Heather! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute idea.
Every little family should hava whimsical photos all around!

Monkey in the house

Annette said...

Great idea Heather! And great subjects might I add!

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