Tuesday, May 31, 2011

design by candlelight....

 There was a great design/inspiration challenge from Tina on www.adogslife-thirteen.blogspot.com

The inspiration she posted is her fun Ikea lamp.  I love the little circles and lines, they have so much movement.  It made me think there had to be a way to give the forms actual movement and life.

 I started with a simple glass.

 Using the leftover bits from a sticker sheet I re-created the circles and lines in a new design.

I dropped in a tea light and faced the sticker side toward the wall.

The candle light flickers the design onto wall and creates a really cool effect.  Thanks for the challenge Tina, hopefully I win :-)


Tina said...

This is freakin awesome! Hope work is fun this week - see you next Thursday! :)

Katrina said...

cute! My favorite were puppet shadows as a little girl... this reminds me of that :D

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