Sunday, May 22, 2011

cork board frames...

A great way to easily change the pictures you have displayed is to make these cork board picture frames.

Use some old picture frames, remove the glass and the cardboard backing.

Spray paint them to match your decor.

Let them thoroughly dry. 

You can find rolls of cork at any craft supply store, this large roll was under $10.

Use the cardboard backing from the frame as a pattern to cut around.

Craft stores always have one set of the mats on a major clearance  (this one was 25 cents) . . . usually it's because they are heavily patterned  however, they are all plain cream or white on the back.

Put it in the frame upside down, 

insert the cork and finally the cardboard backing.

It should look like this.

Select your favorite photos and thumbtack them onto the cork.

It is so easy to change the pictures, you could use it for your children's artwork too.

Picture perfect!


Anonymous said...

Classroom, dorm room, kitchen, nursery, playroom.....the possibilities are endless. Well done veryheatherly, well done.

Annette said...

Very cute idea! Will we get to see your chair make-over soon?

Katrina said...

love it! So easy to change out the picture :)

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