Tuesday, May 31, 2011

design by candlelight....

 There was a great design/inspiration challenge from Tina on www.adogslife-thirteen.blogspot.com

The inspiration she posted is her fun Ikea lamp.  I love the little circles and lines, they have so much movement.  It made me think there had to be a way to give the forms actual movement and life.

 I started with a simple glass.

 Using the leftover bits from a sticker sheet I re-created the circles and lines in a new design.

I dropped in a tea light and faced the sticker side toward the wall.

The candle light flickers the design onto wall and creates a really cool effect.  Thanks for the challenge Tina, hopefully I win :-)

Friday, May 27, 2011

the writing on the wall...

This graffiti project is a great way to allow your kids some creative freedom (without having to repair or repaint a wall) .

The adhesive joint drywall tape will allow them to "tag" their bedroom and feel pretty cool doing it.

They could make letters to write their name, a hip phrase . . . or create an awesome drawing.

So let your little rebellious artist go crazy without any damage to your walls . . .  have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


We're headed right into wedding season which means you'll be wrapping lots of gifts for receptions and bridal showers.  Here is a really different way to add some flair to your packages.

This is the 2nd craft this week using adhesive joint drywall tape.

Start with your gift box.

use the tape to seal it . . .

bring it full circle around the box.

Metallic or patterned tissue paper is more expensive than plain white, so I tend to use it only for small details to help spread it out.

I cut out two flowers and taped them together.

I stuck them right onto the yellow tape . . .

then cut out a center for the flower.

There are so many ways you could
use this tape for wrapping gifts.
Check back tomorrow for the 3rd adhesive drywall joint tape craft.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tape times 3...

Direct people to a secret party location, create a treasure hunt or mark the directions to a reception . . . the possibilities are endless with this cool product.

The next 3 crafts will use Adhesive Drywall Joint Tape which can be found at any home repair store.  It's so cool because it will stick to any surface but can be easily removed without any damage or glue left left behind.

You can get super creative with this idea and your kids will really love it.  Check back tomorrow for another craft with this cool tape.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

flowery words...

 These decorative flowers are a great recycling project.

Start with a damaged book.

Crack the spine and remove a section of the pages.

Using 4 pages fold them accordion style.

Cut the corners off one end.

Use some standard kitchen skewers.

Slide the pages onto the skewer.

Open the flower up and tape it together.

Add a center to the flower and you're done.

This is a really fun and easy project.

Monday, May 23, 2011

the way too cheery-chairs...

I received a design emergency phone call from Lovely Lauryn. She  was given these ever so cheery chairs that were a little too bright for her cute kitchen.

We removed the seat and covered the back with a plastic bag.

Then we sprayed the legs with a glossy black paint.

Make sure they have ample time to dry.

Staple the new fabric onto the seat and cut away the excess

It's a really easy process and can make a really big difference.

Next, place the fabric inside out over the back and pin it down on both sides.

Make a seam using the pins as a guide.

Cut away the excess fabric and make sure it fits tightly.

 The bottom seam along the back rest had to be sewn by hand.

Once the seats were screwed back on we were done.

 Two updated cute chairs and one happy cute girl . . . slam dunk in the world of crafting.
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