Monday, April 11, 2011

woodland creature comforts...

Admittedly, I'm in love with paper.  This craft is a really great touch for Birthday decorations, but you could use these little guys for so many fun projects.

Click on these simple patterns and print them out.

Glue the little woodland creatures together.

When they are dry turn them over and glue tooth picks to the back.

For the larger cutouts skewers work really well to add stability.

Keep them flat while they dry.

Using an inexpensive wreath is a great way to display a cake.

The toothpicks slide easily into the wreath.

Place the cake on the plate, and you have a cute display that your party-goers will love!


Erika and Bryan said...

I love it... It's so cute!!!

Samantha Farbman said...

Hanging with my gnomies is hilarious!!!!!

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