Friday, March 30, 2012

start your sprouts....

It's time to start your sprouts for Easter!

I gathered white containers in all different sizes and shapes, but any interesting pieces you have would work.

Add pebbles to help with drainage.

Fill the containers with potting soil.  * helpful hint:  dump the potting soil bag into a bucket, it will cut down on the clean up time especially if your working with less crafty people or kids  :-)

Wheatgrass seeds can be purchased at most health food stores...this variety just happened to come from Maui courtesy of my aunt (thank you again).

Cover the seeds with soil.

Add some water and make sure they are watered daily.

This is a great project for kids because the grass grows so quickly. 

It's sure to brighten up any room.


Tina said...

Another awesome idea Heather! Love it!!!

Erika and Bryan said...

Heather the grass is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Who would think that you could use grass to decorate. So clever.

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