Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This simple wall art is a great modern look using some not-so-modern hardware.

These are embroidery hoops and you can pick them up at any thrift store...or just visit your grandma and I'm sure she'll have a whole drawer full of them.

I've had this great fabric for a couple years just waiting for a project.

I put the inner ring under the fabric.

Slide the top ring tightly over the bottom one.

Cut around the edges.

They can be easily updated and will add interest to any wall.

Find a fabric that you love and create a new focal point.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing. Everyone at school keeps talking about it, and we're doing all the Easter crafts. Sorry, I don't have a google account to sign in.

Jessica and the Chi-O's

Tina said...

Another amazing idea Heather! Love seeing these everyday! :)

Steff said...

SHUT the front door!! How simple and I never in a million years would have thought of it. Well done!!

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