Friday, April 29, 2011

rattle can art....

I've had several requests for some "guy crafts"  and this one certainly fits the bill.

With a can of spray paint,

and chainrings (or any cool objects) you can create some fun artwork.

I used these canvases that were screaming to be updated.

I painted them a solid color,

and placed the chainrings onto the canvas.

Don't try to be too perfect with the spray paint, the imperfections actually look cool.

This is such a fun and easy project!

Be creative and have a great weekend!


wildegirl said...

So just found out this is yours, duhh, can I just say OMG!!! Your so dang crafty!!! Love it!!!!

Steff said...

What's with all the bike parts? I don't get it?

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