Sunday, April 24, 2011

optical illusion...

I needed to decorate a buffet table and large dining table.  Unfortunately, I fell in love with this crazy expensive material and could only afford 1 3/4 I had to get creative.

I cut a piece the width of the buffet table,

and under a foot off the end for a small runner,

sewed the edges,

and stuck painters tape around it. 

Instead of using it as a barely fitting table cloth, I put it up above the table since it would be better utilized and create a bigger impact.

The remaining material was cut lengthwise, 

sewn around the edges,

folded over and one end sewn together.

The runner was created for the long dining table.

Stay tuned tomorrow for inexpensive (actually ridiculously cheap) finishing touches.

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Anonymous said...

crafty, crafty

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