Thursday, April 21, 2011

no bake bunny cookie...

This bunny (that looks kinda like a cat) cookie would be really cute at each place setting for Easter...especially at the kids table.

The cookies I used were Pepperidge Farms Milano Melts and Tahoes. 

Nutella is a great substitute for frosting.

Put a pat of Nutella on the bottom quarter of the Milano's.

Place the Tahoe cookie on top.

I filled my pastry bag with Nutella and piped on the ears and little face.

I didn't have mini marshmallows so I cut two corners off a big one.

Add the marshmallows and you're done!

Really cute, and really easy.

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i {heart} hawkes said...

of course i had to check out your blog right away. everything is so lovely, how do you find the time? send me an email address to and I’ll send you an invite to my little family blog. it was terribly good to see you and meet erica today. have a wonderful easter. don't be a stranger. angie

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