Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1 can of spray paint, 3 crafts....

This art project is so modern and easy it's impossible to make a mistake.

The next 3 crafts will use this spray paint, any color would work, this one is called satin nickel.

All you need is some foliage and a sheet of paper.

Get creative and search your yard for something cool.

Spray the paint onto the plant and the paper.  The more paint you use, the more defined the shapes will be.

Let the paint thoroughly dry.

Update your old frames and use the mat to help determine the composition you want.   Enjoy your new custom artwork.

Stay tuned for the next spray paint craft tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

really classic and so easy. i love it.

Erika and Bryan said...

Heather I Love this. It looks amazing!!!

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