Wednesday, March 30, 2011

re-placed mat....

Here's a quick and easy idea for a cute re-purposed clutch purse.

 Placemats come in such cute seasonal colors and if you don't have one that you're ready to retire, you can always find them on clearance at the end of a season.

Choose the side you want as the lining and fold it into thirds.

Sew both sides.

To add some flair I used a 3" binder ring and added some cute ribbon on 2 sides of the ring.  A perfectionist would hand sew the ribbon on......I however, fired up the glue gun.

Place the ring in the center of the flap and fold the ribbon under to the lining side.

 Hand stitch or hot glue the ribbon down.

It's ready to be filled up with all your evening necessities.  

It's a really inexpensive accessory when you're in a pinch.


veryheatherly said...

Cute model...thanks erika!

Erika and Bryan said...

Anytime...It’s a really cute clutch.

Anonymous said...

Really, really fantastic.

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